Christmas gift guide: Touch tap and twiddle your way to techno-joy

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It�s a 10MP camera with great build quality and simple operating system. Editor�s picks:
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 camera
johnlewis. Rimowa Salsa Air cabin suitcase
selfridges. com, �329
This slick, powerful compact deserves a place on every holiday. com, �355
This case is strong, superbly lightweight and comes with a TSA lock - the kind that allows the US authorities to open your bag without damage.

You can even swim in them and hear music. uk, �59
This is a 4GB MP3 player built into a pair of waterproof in-ear headphones. You�ll need a memory card as built-in storage is minimal. 8MP Digital Underwater Camera Mask
red5. Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman waterproof MP3 player
sony. 95
This hands-free mask has an 8MP camera and shoots stills and standard definition video.

The leather front and cleverly shaped back mean it is safe and can be set up in almost any position. 99
The classiest case for the iPad, bar none. com, �387
The X10 is styled to look like a retro film camera but it is a brilliantly accomplished compact with great handling, a splendid 4x zoom lens and lots of handy features. It's quick to shoot, has a big 12-megapixel sensor and delivers great results. Knomo folio case for iPad
, �49. Knomo has a wide range of accessories. Fujifilm X10

The fit is snug to keep the music in and the sound is spectacular. Real books are still better, but when you're travelling, the convenience of carrying thousands of titles in one light gadget wins. Atomic Floyd SuperDarts + Remote headphones
atomicfloyd. Ebooks download wirelessly in seconds. To improve music playback, a pair ofAtomic Floyds will work wonders. com, �199
Mobile phones come with average headphones at best. uk, from �109
This just-released ebook reader is the best available.

A noise cancellation button lets you opt in and out of the outside world. uk, �119
The wooden ear cups on these headphones are classy, but comfy. Innergie PocketCell Duo
dixonstravel. com, �99
This battery has twin USB sockets and comes with a versatile lead of its own that fits Apple 30-pin connectors, mini USB and micro USB. Tivoli Radio Silenz headphones

This one fits to the iPad by magnets and the tablet clicks into place for use. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad
johnlewis. It�s brilliantly designed (built by Asus), fast and great value. Google�s Android system is at its most accessible here. 95
Typing on glass is never fun, so a keyboard with proper keys is preferable. Google Nexus 7
johnlewis. com, �199
This was the first Android tablet to sell in huge numbers.

Standalone satnavs still don�t come any better than TomTom�s intuitive-to-use models. TomTom Go 600 EU
amazon. Good for keeping car passengers happy Nintendo 3DS XL
argos. This one has a 6in touch-screen and improved mapping as well. 99
Handheld games consoles have been partly superseded by smartphones, but this one offers 3D without the need for special glasses.

It�s light and solid thanks to the aluminium casing and the sound is smooth and powerful. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush
boots. Loewe Speaker 2Go
amazon. uk, �269
This classy Bluetooth speaker connects easily to your phone or tablet. 99
The DiamondClean really is an astonishingly good toothbrush and comes with a mini USB charger case as well.

Nike+ FuelBand
nike. 99
Just monitoring how much exercise you take can make you more active. Press the button and a hidden LED screen shows steps taken, calories burned and how close you are to your goal. You can even shoot underwater. uk, �119
This 14-megapixel camera is ideal for outdoor sports users or the terminally clumsy. Olympus Tough TG-320
pixmania. Useful and, be warned, quickly addictive. It's waterproof to three metres, shockproof and resists cold and heat.

TP-Link Wireless N Nano Router
amazon. It has both DAB and FM options, plus you can use it to play music from your iPod. 99
This is a tiny, portable router which creates a wireless hotspot: handy if your hotel room charges per device as this can share its signal with multiple Wifi gadgets. 99
Digital radio in your car becomes a reality thanks to this portable version which attaches to the windscreen. Pure Highway radio

There is a neat Clean Renew attachment, best kept at home, to leave the shaver lemon-fresh. 99
You need to look presentable you know, even on holiday. Philips Sonicare Air Floss
argos. More fun than flossing and the battery will last long enough for your summer holiday. The best men's shavers, like this one, have a battery that will last a week or more. Braun Series 7-shaver
argos. It squirts water (or, for a pleasant tingle, mouthwash) between your molars at a speed of 45mph. 99
This is a clever invention.

uk, �1,449
The 10x magnification helps you see distant subjects, the video feature means you can record what you see in high definition or even 3D. Optical stabilisation helps reduce blur
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205
vodafone. Sony DEV-3 Digital Recording binoculars
Sony. The R205 works as a wireless hotspot for up to five devices, using a mobile broadband signal. uk, �65
If you need the internet for work but you�re on the move, try a mobile wi-fi, �80
Perfect for the pool or the beach, the Solar DAB looks funky, sounds great and is charged by the sun's rays. Roberts Solar DAB radio
robertsradio. Mu folding USB adaptor
themu. Here is more regarding desi songs download free (click the up coming web site) look at our own website. uk, �25
The thing about UK power plugs is the shape; the prongs always stick out in just the wrong direction for packing. It runs for 20 hours when fully juiced. This product sorts that. It's compact, light and comes in a variety of colours. It's a USB adaptor that folds up in a nifty way that makes it small, packable and satisfying to use.

And when it comes to in-car add-ons, where America leads, we follow. In the US, more than 90 per cent of new cars sold have an option for iPod connectivity. If you prefer to cruise through your iTunes, it's never been easier thanks to the exponential rise of integrated MP3/CD car stereos.

Acts deliver stripped-down acoustic performances to small crowds, which co-founder Rafe Offer says is an attempt to break down the barriers between artist and performer, creating a "spellbinding atmosphere".

Showcasing bands performing from the Manchester Museum and on top of the Arndale Shopping centre gives the opportunity for fans to see bands in a "no frills" environment. All over the city
Manchester's Scenewipe aims to build on the city's musical heritage by filming bands at unusual locations around the city and streaming the videos online.

Phones and accessories:
Nokia Lumia 925
vodafone. uk, from free on contract
Nokia�s best smartphone yet is great overseas. Download maps free in advance and use it like a satnav without data connection.

David Wilkins, The Independent Magazine's motoring columnist, suggests an adapter to listen to DAB through your car's sound system. 99), which attaches to the windscreen like a sat nav and then rebroadcasts on FM so you can tune into it using the normal car radio. His pick is the Pure Highway website com; �79. Internet radio is already available as an "optional extra" on many new cars but from next year Vauxhall and Ford will lead the way by offering it as standard across their fleets.

Jawbone Jambox
argos. uk, �644
If you're going to take holiday snaps, you may as well make them good ones. The D-Lux 5 is a stunningly designed, easy-touse camera with a great lens and lots of features and fun settings. Leica D-Lux 5
leica-storemayfair. It's easy to set up, and the battery lasts ages. Images are blessed with razor-sharp detail. Small, solid and tactile, the Jambox uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, say, and plays back music with fidelity at high volume levels. 99
Portable speakers don't come any better than this.

It works in 150 countries (though sadly few of us will test it in all of them). Tumi Travel Adaptor
tumi. O-Range Jet Solar Backpack
pro-bike. This handsome adaptor is hugely versatile and robust. It's a light, rugged and well-designed bag with a whistle in the shoulder strap for emergencies. There are cheaper adaptors but few come close for style. 95
With this backpack you can charge your phone, satnav and other USB-connected devices as you yomp along. com, �50
Take your tech overseas and you'll need to plug it in.

Breffo Spiderpodium
breffo. 95
The Spiderpodium�s eight elegant legs are flexible so you can cradle things or attach them to something else - an ideal way to clamp your phone to the dashboard.

Fujifilm X20 camera
parkcameras. 99
This may look like a stylish retro camera, but don�t be fooled, the 12MP sensor is way bigger than most compacts, so it�s both accurate and responsive.

Young "is not a spring chicken and this is something that is new and different," Goldstein said in a telephone interview. With the price of computer memory declining and the availability of broadband Internet service growing, the need to compress files has diminished, paving the way for the use of "lossless" formats such as Pono that retain all of the digitized sounds. "
MP3 is known as a "lossy" format because it compresses digitized sound by stripping out portions inaudible to the average listener, making it easier and faster to download the music and possible to hold more titles on portable players and mobile phones.

Beautifully made in leather, it has a tough nylon lining and pockets for credit cards, too. Tumi Prism Travel Document Case
uk. com, �95
Keep your valuable documents safe in this luxurious case. 99
Bluetooth speakers don�t come much classier than this. There�s a smaller version, too, which is especially portable (and �100 less) but this one is great for outdoor music. Jawbone Big Jambox

Sony DSC-TF1 camera
sony. It has Sony�s Sweep Panorama feature for landscape shots and manages HD video, too. uk, �159
Waterproof, dust-proof and freeze-proof but still manages a respectable 16MP sensor.

com, from free on contract
BlackBerry�s latest phone with physical QWERTY keypad is the cheapest one to use its latest operating system. Press the button on the InRange and it activates an alert on the smartphone so you can find it. Philips InRange
apple. BlackBerry Q5
carphonewarehouse. 95
The InRange is a flat, credit card-sized wireless leash. Also includes a 5MP camera"As far as a whole new format, I'm not aware of anybody doing what Neil is trying to do," said Michael McGuire, media industry analyst at Gartner Inc. , provider of research on high-tech industries. Ivanhoe, incorporated in December in Delaware, is the vehicle Young is using to bring his technology to market, according to Mark Goldstein, who said he served as the company's CEO for about six months and is now an adviser.

Apps less likely to result in ribbing from your nearest and dearest include Minder Plus (iPhone; �1. 99), which monitors your mileage and informs you when a service is due and TrafficEye (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone; free), which feeds pictures from more than 16,000 traffic cameras.

The Olloclip is an extra photo lens that slides on to the edge of the iPhone 5 (there�s another model for the iPhone 4) to offer fish-eye, macro and wide-angle effect options Olloclip for iPhone 5
apple. uk, free on contract
This feels great in the hand thanks to its full metal back, and the stereo speakers on the front are so good you can use it as a neat video player.

65 inch display is spectacularly high resolution but the phone doesn't feel too big in the hand. There are neat additions like facial recognition to unlock the phone and near-field communication, the same technology used in the London Oyster card. It's also been tested to resist salt, fog, sand, wind and moisture. How much: from �259
Where from: website
Samsung Galaxy Nexus mobile phone
The Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone to use the latest Android software, which makes it easier to understand and looks much niftier. For the tech heads out there it achieves all this through "four low-profile neodynium transducers" and "dual opposing passive radiators".

Bluetooth keyring
firebox. 49
The Zomm is a neat keyring that connects wirelessly to your smartphone by Bluetooth. 99
Don't overdo it in the sun: this pocket-sized monitor reveals how long you can stay out based on UV reading, sunscreen factor and skin type. Scientific monitor
uk. It has a countdown timer, digital clock and a handy graphic to show how dangerous the sun is at that moment. It's a wireless leash, so if you walk out of the restaurant without it, the Zomm will sound the alarm. Deeply useful if you're in unfamiliar surroundings where it's easy to be distracted.

It's a good stage for emerging artists. "
Secret gigs are held on the Lower Concourse of St Pancras International with hints as to the act dropped only the day before on the twitter feed @stationsessions. "Stations have a long tradition of hosting busking and people performing spontaneously, so we've played on that. As soon as people see there's a band playing, automatically a huge crowd is created. Secret gig from a "well-known band", Thursday, 6 to 7pm, 8 December.

Thanks to legions of flatscreen televisions, games consoles, smartphones, tablets, non-stop Wi-fi access and a computer in every room, the big technology companies have already colonised our homes. Now they're coming for the back of our cars. And while many of us are familiar with the idea of connecting our phones via Bluetooth or plugging in our sat nav, the latest generation of in-car technology is much more concerned with keeping your passengers happy, and might just consign the game of I spy to motoring history.

i-box Twist Bluetooth speaker
iboxstyle. 99
This speaker is highly affordable and looks good, too. Nikon Coolpix S31 camera
currys. 99
Don�t worry about dropping the S31 camera in the pool (or the snowy ski slopes) as it�s waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. It�s simple enough for anyone in the family to connect their smartphone or tablet to it.

"Now there are all kinds of technologies that are moving toward lossless audio formats so you don't have to make bad compromises with the sound. "It's sort of a growing trend among audiophiles who for a while were in despair that kids were listening to these low- resolution sound files," said Ralph Graves, the editor of a blog for Crutchfield, an online consumer-electronics retailer based in Charlottesville, Va.

Drivers should pull over and operate technological devices while stationary.
Apps at the ready
Of more practical use for the driver is Toyota's Entune system, which allows smartphone owners to control apps through a dashboard display and even create a social network for their car that will let you be "friends" with your car, sending you a message when, for example, it needs a service.

The screen shows steps walked, stairs climbed and calories burned. Withings Pulse fitness monitor
withings. com, �99
This tiny black lozenge attaches to your belt and monitors your every step.

Apps such as Backseat Driver from Toyota are promising to banish the scream of "Are we nearly there yet? "Most people already have smartphones and sat navs but it's this sort of 'infotainment', that you can swap from car to car in the future, which really has great potential to excite car buyers," says Matt Prior, the road test editor at Autocar magazine. Gaming on the go
Savvy drivers have been searching for the cheapest prices at the pumps and checking for delays on the motorway for years with their smartphones, but the driving experience is about to get a lot more interactive.First, check before you travel that you can use your phone overseas. If your phone isn't activated for roaming, or it is incompatible with the local system, it just won't work. Networks in countries such as Japan work with some handsets but not all - you'll need a 3G handset here, as the frequencies used in the older 2G handsets aren't compatible with those in Japan.

Young decided to brand his concept Pono, which he says is Hawaiian for "righteous and good," after discovering that his original choice, PureTone, was already in use, according to the singer's memoir. "He has a neat idea," Powers, a former patent and trademark attorney, said of Young's venture, which is designed to provide music lovers with the same level of quality produced in recording studios. Warner Music Group, the parent company for Young's record label, has agreed to make its catalog of songs available on Pono, the New York Times reported in September. "The demand for greater sound quality is absolutely there.

If you didn't snag tickets for the Olympics, at least ensure a comfortable on board sleep with this jazzy pillow made from Spandex and microbeads. It features the 2012 logo, though thankfully, it's not too big. 95
The Etymotics have exceptional sound quality and isolate outside noise by fitting snugly into your ears. Etymotic hf3 headphones
apple. London 2012 neck pillow
johnlewis. For an extra �70 you can have ACS earpieces moulded for a perfect fit that is ideal for on-board listening.

uk, �1,129
Smaller than a digital SLR but with a big sensor to deliver sensational shots, the NEX-7 is a great holiday camera for those shots you really want to keep. It�s light, easy to use and has 24. Along with a great operating system and neat build, this machine has lots of extras such as routes that adjust according to the time and day. 99
This latest version of the leading satnav has a big, 5in touchscreen. TomTom Go Live 1005
tomtom. 3-megapixel resolution.

You can buy Spanish or French SIMs from website where you can also opt for a Global SIM card which allows you to receive free calls in 70 countries. It can do this because of the way calls are routed and the type of commercial agreement smaller networks have with international roaming partners.

When asked in a recent interview with the website Chess Base how he reacted to the allegations, Ivanov said: "At first I wasn't surprised about the speculations but suddenly they turned very ridiculous. Some people accused me of using technical equipment that only Nasa has. After a third incident in which Ivanov was strip searched and officials spotted "a kind of strap crossing his chest", the Bulgarian left the competition - voluntarily. I even heard that I had had my own satellite that transmitted moves during the games.

T-Mobile BlackBerry users can buy unlimited email access for �15. If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can use it to make free video calls, called FaceTime, providing both parties are in a wireless hotspot and have compatible Apple equipment.

It means you may one day be able to use your phone to pay for things.
How much: free on contract
Where from: website
Apple MacBook Air
The MacBook Air is super slim and shockingly light. It comes in two screen sizes, 13 inch and the ultra-portable 11 inch version. Both come with keyboards which, apart from the smaller top row of function keys, is identical in size and comfort to the keyboard on the 17 inch MacBook Pro.

Three top French players were suspended in 2011 from the nation's chess federation after the body's vice president found a text message to one of the players asking him to "hurry up and send me some moves". Exposed as a hoax in 1820, the contraption was destroyed by a fire in 1854. Master in a Box
Hungarian inventor Wolfgang von Kempelen fooled 18th-century chess players with "The Turk", which purported to be a mechanical chess-playing machine, but which actually concealed a human chess master. Similar machines include the Ajeeb (1868) and Mephisto (1886).

In one thread, titled "Cheating is our religion and Ivanov is our god", fans rallied around the Bulgarian. Dozens of chess forum threads are now devoted to analysing his games and investigating his tactics. While the elite players are refusing to engage Ivanov in battle, chess amateurs have welcomed him as a cult hero.

Now a global music movement, with gigs being put on in 10 cities around the world, organisers are hoping to expand the project further, putting on new artists in even more cities, whilst still staying true to the intimate premise. Watch out for impromptu performances from big names such as Robert Pattison, who made a guest appearance last year.

Young, writing in a new memoir that he has "big ideas and very little money to show for them," said he would finance Pono by turning to investment firms that typically back technology startups. "All I have to do now is navigate the waters of venture capitalism, those treacherous shorelines of commerce, in the HMS Pono," Young wrote in "Waging Heavy Peace," published in September. "I can't tell you how scary this is," Young added, saying he has never been "on this vessel, in these waters, with the cargo on board.Neil Young, the rock singer who said he was prepared to brave "treacherous" venture capital markets to popularize his high-fidelity format for downloading music, raised $500,000 from an investment group last month.

" In the book, he described speaking with industry leaders such as Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and CEO of Apple, and William Ford, chairman of Ford Motor, as he sought to advance Pono as an alternative to MP3. Young, who turned 67 this week, has decried the impact of music downloading and streaming services such as Apple's iTunes and Spotify on listening quality, writing in his memoir that he is "trying like hell to rescue recorded sound so people can feel music again.

Consider asking friends to send you texts instead - they're free to pick up. Voicemail services can be useful while travelling, but aren't free to retrieve, as they often are in the UK. Also, if you haven't set up voicemail before you go, you may find you can't do it from overseas.

Then, at the same tournament, competitor Andres Holgado Maestre spotted a "suspicious bump" under Mr Ivanov's shirt, officials said. He later grabbed the bump and claimed "he could touch an oblong object, similar to an MP3 player, attached to Mr Ivanov's body".

"They have to battle with the Tannoy announcements, which is quite a challenge" says Sarah Joy. It has been enough to draw in acts that have gone on to become big names. "Florence and the Machine, Jessie J, Ellie Goulding and Adele have all played humble Lancaster Library," says Parsons. "It's such a busy, bustling environment and bands have to as adapt to what's going on in the station. website
The railway station platform
It's a tough crowd for artists who want to play Station Sessions - a series of busking slots around the hectic St Pancras International station in London. " Of course, busking at train stations is nothing new, but strict licensing, and previous bans on buskers on the London Underground, had make it harder for bands to perform. They have to work harder to draw people in. CSS play Lancaster Library, Friday 9 December.

Sony MDR-1RNC noise-cancelling headphones
sony. uk, �449
These splendidly comfortable cans mute almost all the outside noise while ensuring that your tunes still sound great, even from MP3 files.

If in doubt, make sure Data Roaming on your handset is off. The EU recently insisted that networks impose a data limit of �50 a month. If your phone regularly checks email without your knowing, the costs will mount. It isn't just calls and texts that cost more abroad. Alternatively, try HulloMail, a free service for many smartphones which sends your voicemails as emails containing MP3 files ( hullomail. Data, for smartphone users, costs a lot.

99 per month website It's a combination of a 3G dongle and a Wi-fi router. That's entertainment
Scores of young children transfixed on the latest episode of Peppa Pig or Bob the Builder on their back-seat DVD players on long drives have become a familiar sight in recent years, but a new system from Pioneer has now gone one better. The system is the first aftermarket, in-vehicle system to bring music, video and maps from your iPhone to a touchscreen display on your dashboard. 3 Mobile is already offering MiFi broadband for your car from �15.

The most popular technique is to download chess engines, which use data from previous world famous games to help calculate the player's best possible moves. Once considered pure folly, attempting to cheat at chess in tournaments has become more widespread than ever, as the relevant cheap technology becomes readily available.

Venture firms are professional money managers who invest on behalf of outside clients, typically committing $1 million or more to each company they fund, according to the National Venture Capital Association in Arlington, Va. Securities and Exchange Commission didn't identify the investors or disclose whether the money came from friends and family, venture capital firms or angel investors. Last month's filing with the U. Angel backers, the association says on its website, use their own money to provide seed capital to technology startups, and generally invest less than $1 million in any one company.

Nokia C2-01
carphonewarehouse. This works worldwide, and is reliable and effective. You can buy a sim card locally if you want to save on calls and data access while you're away (but check it's on a compatible network). 99
A smartphone has so many functions it's easy to use it heavily. It bulks up the svelte iPhone a little, but allows it to last twice as long. The Juice Pack Air is both a protective case and a battery. Mophie Juice Pack Air
firebox. 95
Need a basic phone to take abroad?

, a Santa Monica, Calif. -based company that lists Young as chief executive officer, got the money from 12 investors, according to an Oct. The musician, a two-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who co-founded the band Buffalo Springfield and played in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young before going solo, plans to roll out an audio system called Pono as a higher-quality alternative to digital formats such as MP3.But now a Bulgarian chess champion has left opponents enraged - and amateurs envious - following allegations he had been cheating the whole time. Dubbed the "James Bond of chess" by an excitable Bulgarian press pack, Borislav Ivanov has won top prizes in chess competitions across the continent from Croatia and Spain. But a number of grandmasters - those awarded the game's highest title - are now refusing to sit across the chess board from him. He soared from anonymity to notoriety in the chess world in a series of well-calculated moves, beating a slew of Grand Masters before his 25th birthday.

Elliot Roberts, the record executive who has served as Young's manager for decades, is listed as an Ivanhoe director in last month's SEC filing. Another director, according to the filing, is Gisele "Gigi" Brisson, the co-founder of Attractor Investment Management, a Seattle-based money manager that makes angel investments in high-tech startups.

These inspired Sam Alder to set up Scenewipe with some of his former university friends. It's an idea pioneered by the French website La Blogoth�que, whose beautifully crafted films Concerts � Emporter (Takeaway Shows) show musicians across Paris - on the M�tro, on a fairground ride, or walking the streets.

How much: �54
Where from: website
Revo Heritage internet radio
Internet radios don't come better styled than this. It's a solid, classic design with impressive sound that's rich, punchy and clear. The battery lasts around a week or two between charges. Along with the 6,000+ internet radio stations from around the world available when it's wirelessly connected to your broadband network, there's also FM and DAB. The AirFloss is great for hard-to-reach parts of the mouth. It's powerful enough to remove plaque but gentle on your gums.

When Thomas Muirhead and some other fellow students at London's City University found that the studio they'd been sneaking bands into was closed for refurbishment, they decided to go outside and record them on the university's disused bandstand instead.

Pick up a pay-as-you-go card at your destination - typically around �10 - and take an old phone to put it in (check the handset is unlocked to work with any network). If you wish to use your mobile as you would at home - to book local restaurants and so on - then consider buying a local SIM card.

Oh, to be a child again so you can get away with wearing this comfy travel pillow on the aircraft. Yondi kids travel pillow
firebox. It also has themost intuitive operating system around. The feet connect by magnets under junior's neck and the circular pillow stops head-rolling. uk, free with contract
The latest iPhone remains the smartphone to beat because of its gorgeous design, a great camera and the apps available.

Attach it to your key chain and if you go too far from your phone - you can set it at distances up to 30 feet - the Zomm will start vibrating, flashing and sounding an alarm. 99
Where from: website
Zomm Bluetooth Wireless Leash
The Zomm aims to stop you from leaving your Bluetooth-capable mobile phone behind. The camera has a 16-megapixel sensor and 5x zoom, plus plenty of highly useful features, like image stabilisation in case you're not as steady as you'd like to be when you're doing those self-portraits.

HMV went into administration in January but was taken over in April by Hilco, a company that specialises in restructuring failed retailers and companies. The �50 million buy-out saved just over half of the high street retailer�s shops and around 2,500 jobs.

Where cheating is concerned, chess is small beer; there aren't many big prizes, not really. Thus exposed as he now is, Ivanov has little more than shame to claim as his award. James Pratt, editor of the world's oldest chess journal, British Chess Magazine, said: "Boris Ivanov is not a well-known name in the chess world, nor is he even now a lovable anti-hero. In one form or another, the problem is not new to the 64 squares.

Keep it legal
Under UK law it is illegal to use a "hand-held device for interactive communication" while driving. The law also prohibits the accessing of the internet via a smartphone and sending and receiving text messages while driving. The company has launched a racing app (iPhone, �3. If you have a DVD screen or tablet in the car, it must be out of direct view of the driver. It lets you imagine you are behind the wheel of a V8 Vantage by overlaying a video of the road ahead with a speedometer in the style of Aston's dials on to your iPhone's screen. Just mount to dashboard and put your foot down. Or perhaps they (and you) would rather experience the thrill of driving an Aston Martin?

So choose a case such as this. An excellent lightweight model which has a built-in TSA lock, so that the customs guys can open and relock it without causing damage. This is a battery charged from a solar panel that holds its charge for up to a year, ready to power your phone, laptop or tablet. com, �401
You want to lock your luggage, right? Rimowa Salsa Air Cabin
rimowa. But US Customs reserves the right to cut off your padlock to check inside.The Android operating system has apps as well as over 2 million ebooks, many of which are free. You can expand the memory to store up to 32,000 books. This has a regular colour LCD screen instead of the e-ink displays of some ebook readers, so it's not as easy to read in direct sunlight. From silky sound systems to tactile tablets and fancy phones, here's something to stop every gizmo lover in their tracks
Kobo Vox ebook reader
Although rival Amazon's Kindle Fire colour ebook reader has no UK release date yet, Kobo's is already here.

However, Hilco also claim that it is �the first non-iTunes-based service on Apple�s iOS platform to allow the purchase of digital music downloads through a native app experience� and that its capacity to pre-order MP3s is only shared by iTunes. Another feature lets users use their phones� cameras to scan �album artwork on CDs, posters or adverts� and access 30-second song previews or buy relevant MP3s.

There are even clock and alarm functions, so you can use it to wake you up, if you like. The Soundbox has an FM radio, CD player and a dock for an iPod or iPhone, so most options are covered. The touchscreen can be sluggish and unresponsive, but this is still a capable and enjoyable device. It's a stylish-looking beast and the wide stereo sound is rich and powerful. 99
Where from: website
Loewe Soundbox tabletop music system
Where do you get your music from?

30pm and The Lampshades at 2. 15pm, at Arnold Circus, Shoreditch, east London, on 4 December. The concept is simple: click on a link at a dedicated time and listen to an album alongside thousands of other fans. The next Bandstand Busking features Forest Fire at 1. website
The online listening party
Once the preserve of music industry folk and journalists, online versions of album listening parties have spread to include fans in new-album previews.

"In the past, the car industry developed bespoke entertainment systems at very high cost. " So whether it's in-car internet access or addictive gaming apps for back-seat drivers, the car and entertainment industries have been busy thinking up new ways to keep you and your passengers occupied. But with more and more smartphones and tablets on the market, we've realised those days are over," says Christof Kellerwessel, Ford's engineer for electronic and electrical systems. "People invest time and money in their personal technology, whether it's updating their music libraries or customising their phones to their liking, so we need to make those devices meaningful and practical in our cars.

The central button quells the alarm turns it into a hands-free speaker kit. 7 inch screens that provide outstanding picture quality. An app means you can use the phone to find your keys, too. The headset has two small, yet amazingly detailed 0. Sony's latest gadget is a head-mounted display that claims to match the effect of sitting 20 metres away from a 750-inch cinema screen - apart from the popcorn. 99
Where from: website
Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer
Want a big television but you don't have the room?

Take your music with you with this portable speaker. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
amazon. Cambridge Audio Minx Go
cambridgeaudio. It�s got Bluetooth so it connects wirelessly to a suitable smartphone or MP3 player. uk, from �109
This perfect holiday companion succeeds because the screen is viewable in sunlight - though a front light means you can read in the dark as well.

Frequently oversubscribed in London, music fans sign up to the gig and are given directions to the location a few hours before. website
The living room
Songs from a Room, or Sofar Sounds, put on free, secret gigs in living rooms. There are only two rules: you must keep quiet and you have to stay to watch all the acts.

If you aren't mad on the colour of the top edge, don't worry, you can customise it with a choice of inlays. As expected, the sound quality from the Soundlink is exceptional - meaty bass combined with a clarity of high- and mid- frequencies that puts many other Bluetooth speakers firmly in the shade. How much: �459
Where from: website
Bose Soundlink mobile speaker
The latest product from the brilliant boffins at Bose is this portable Bluetooth speaker that allows you to link your smartphone or tablet wirelessly wherever you are.

"It's actually a little early for us to give any information," Roberts, the head of Lookout Management in Santa Monica, said in a brief telephone interview. "When we can comment, we'll be an open spigot.

�I�m excited to say that we�re putting music ownership back into focus with the launch of our new digital music products,� said James Coughlan, Managing Director of HMV Digital. �For the first time, music lovers have the ability to experience the traditional feel of HMV on the high street and have the option to discover and build a digital music collection, delivered and managed across devices, from HMV, the Home of Entertainment.

com/uk, from �269
This is the best colour-screen tablet you can buy, thanks to its thin, light frame and gorgeous build quality. 9in screen succeeds because the frame is so narrow. It links to your phone via Wifi. uk, free on contract
If you want the speed of 4G but can�t upgrade your 3G phone just yet, one of these wireless modems will do the trick. Alcatel Y800 mobile Wifi
ee. Apple iPad mini
apple.Whether you're in the centre of Funchal, Madeira (with free Wi-Fi throughout), or at an internet caf� in Bali, you can talk to anyone else with a Skype connection for free. You can also dial landlines in the UK for only a penny or two per minute, although calls to mobiles are higher.

Tablets and accessories:
Kobo Aura HD
whsmith. com/uk, from �399
The 9. But the Aura HD also boasts high resolution, super-sharp print which is highly agreeable. 7in iPad has a Retina display - the screen is so highresolution you can�t see the pixels in normal use. Text is as sharp as ink on paper and video crisp and high-definition. 99
This is an e-ink reader, which has a monochrome screen suitable for sunlit reading.

Then, just plonk your smartphone or even your tablet on top and it'll hold in place, handy if you're using your gadget as a satnav, say. 99
Whack the Grippy Pad on to your car dashboard and it'll stick. And having an external keyboard means you don't take up screen space with a virtual Qwerty. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Covere
logitech. 99
This new keyboard for the iPad attaches by magnets and doesn't add much to space or weight.

"Manchester's got such a musical heritage, it draws people here to start bands. It's about that community and about the city," Alder says. "There's loads of ways to get music to people, so it's even more cluttered and harder to get noticed - but, at the same time, there's all these new channels to use. It makes bands think more about the complete package and their visual aesthetic.

Choose from sensible black or fashion-forward white.
How much: �99
Where from: website
Apple iPad 2
Tablet PCs are going to be big sellers this Christmas, so you may as well plump for the best. Until Christmas, it comes with free headphones worth �60. The iPad 2 is beautifully crafted with an aluminium back - protect it with a case like the stylish Knomo iPad 2 Folio (�49 from knomo. 7 inch touchscreen with frame. You can watch movies, check your email, play games, write documents, read ebooks, and much more thanks to 140,000 dedicated apps. It's so enjoyable to use, so fast and responsive, it's hard to put down.

It offers 30MB per day for �3. There's a series of boosters ranging from �1 for 3MB to use in a day, to �10 for 50MB to use in a month. Vodafone's Data Traveller offers 25MB a day. When you hit this limit you can request for it to be raised. If you don't use any data, you won't get charged that day, but if you use any at all, then the full fee applies. With T-Mobile you must buy a Euro Internet Booster for internet access. O2 charges just over �3 per MB, but there's a maximum charge of �40 a month. It is free on price plans over �40 a month, or �2 a day for cheaper tariffs and pay-as-you-go customers.
Orange has launched a new mobile internet browsing bundle for use abroad in the EU.

Provided you take care with call and data costs, your smartphone can also be useful on your travels - and save some luggage space, too. If you receive a call, you pay 75p and the call is free for up to 60 minutes. Thanks a bundle
* Vodafone's Passport scheme is free to join and works for 35 countries. You pay 75p to connect each call and the cost is then charged at UK rates - it can even come out of your inclusive monthly minutes. As smartphones work as ebook readers, games consoles, cameras, music players and more, it's often hard to leave them at home.

Ivanov, who strongly denies cheating, was ejected from the Navalmoral de la Mata tournament in western Spain earlier this month after players claimed he had used devices hidden under his shirt and inside his shoes to enhance his chess-playing skills. In a series of increasingly bizarre scenes, officials examined Ivanov's shoes at the end of the tournament's fourth round because it was "widely remarked that a hidden device could be placed inside his footwear". Finding nothing, they also used a mobile app to scan for hidden metal, but again nothing was found that, as the tournament's organisers said, could "imply the existence of a hidden device inside his footwear".

Keyboard is full-sized so it�s comfortable to use. Good travel laptop, fast flash memory. uk, �799
Affordable, slim, powerful laptops with flash memory to make them fast. MacBook Air 11in
apple. HPFolio 13-1000ea Ultrabook
pcworld. This one is a joy to use, has excellent battery life and weighs under 1. 3in screen is great, too. com/uk, �849
Slim, light and stunningly designed in an aluminium case, it�s the smallest (and cheapest) MacBook.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD
amazon. uk, from �159
If you want a colour-screen 7in tablet, Amazon�s model has a superbly simple interface - it�s based on Google�s Android operating system but is pleasingly customised. Fujifilm WorldTrip Dual USB Charger and Travel Adaptor
amazon. 07
Not only does this plug into sockets in more than 150 countries, it lets you charge two gadgets simultaneously.But although "roaming" - using your phone overseas - sounds relaxed and carefree, it can be costly. The old rip-offs perpetrated by outrageous hotel phone rates can also be avoided if you use your own phone. The way many people get around this is by taking a laptop and headset, and using Skype.

When you're driving, you need a hands-free headset to make and receive phone calls. The best on the market is the Era with its superbly easy set-up, impeccable sound quality and motion-sensitive controls. BlackBerry Bold 9900
carphonewarehouse. This is the bestmodel yet, matching great design with a gorgeous screen. com, free with contract
If you really can't be away from email while on your travels, BlackBerry still offers the fastest, most secure, most reliable email delivery. Jawbone Era Bluetooth headset

The camera is basic, but there�s Bluetooth so you can connect a hands-free kit and the battery life is amazing - up to 47 days on standby. Nokia 206
carphonewarehouse. Abroad it�s useful thanks to a built-in translator. uk, free on contract
Samsung�s flagship mobile has innovative features including a pedometer and a 5in screen that reacts even without you touching it. Samsung Galaxy S4

How much: �799
Where from: sony. A great way to catch a movie while the family hogs the TV for Strictly Come Dancing. You can adjust the temperature precisely using the cute magnetic remote control. uk
Dyson Hot fan heater
If you're tired of the smell of burning dust from most fan heaters, help is at hand. Results are good - a large room can be heated in no time. The Dyson Hot is quieter than most heaters and easier to clean. The effect is completely immersive and the fast refresh rate makes it tremendous for 3D.

* T-Mobile's Euro Talk and Text Booster costs �5. Many T-Mobile customers can opt to have one of a range of Boosters included in their monthly tariff. If you tend to make and receive only short calls in Europe, this will not be to your advantage. 50 - in other words, you get a 30 per cent discount. Pay-as-you-go callers can buy 30 minutes of calls for �5. 4p per minute and receive the same amount of calls free. * Orange has bundles including Euro Traveller. 10 you can make 200 minutes of calls at the rate of 27. 10 but offers a travel allowance of �7.

The stainless steel case makes it look classy and the pleasure of grinding pepper corns with a thumb-press on the button is considerable. Works with salt or other herbs and spices, too. You can set how fine or coarse the pepper should be ground, and there's even a light so you can see what you're doing and don't over-season. com/uk
Cole & Mason Manhattan Electronic pepper mill
Technology isn't just there for faster computers and smarter smartphones: this pepper mill is a neat electronic upgrade for the dining table. How much: from �399
Where from: store.

It will set you back �399. It is this sort of entertainment technology and data-streaming, such as Spotify and the BBC's iPlayer, that some in the wider industry are very excited about. The SlingPlayer app (from �17. You'll need a Slingbox (available from �150) to collect signal from your home television and a 3G connection. 95 website uk) but should keep your passengers quiet (provide some headphones) on even the longest, dullest journeys. 99) will broadcast any channel that you receive on your home television to your smartphone or tablet in your car.

The new app is similar to many other offerings on the market, giving users a digital catalogue, the ability to purchase MP3s, and software that �seamlessly integrates purchases into the user�s existing iTunes or Windows Media library on their PC or Mac�.

Both apps use a SIM card and GPS base unit in the car so can also be used for breakdown recovery and to alert the emergency services in an event of an accident. BMW and Volvo have also launched free apps to lock and unlock your car with your mobile, remind you where it is parked or even start up its heated seats before you get in on a cold winter's morning.

Commenting on his strip search, Ivanov added: "Although they checked my pockets very slowly and my jacket, and after they found nothing. I'm not a genius, nor a cheat, but just a normal boy that wants to have fun playing chess. maybe they were a bit disappointed, [because] they were 100 per cent sure I was cheating and of course that's a total lie. "
Experts say that cheating in chess is not common but not unknown, and a recent spate of alleged incidents have prompted calls for the game's governing body to launch more thorough checks on players.

Roberts said he was speaking on behalf of Young, who couldn't be reached for comment. Attractor runs three partnerships that invest in the equities of technology companies and had about $185 million in client assets under management at the end of August, according to a Sept. 6 million last year through the third quarter, according to the MoneyTree Report compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association. Goldstein, described in "Waging Heavy Peace" as a Pono CEO "candidate," said Young's trepidation about venture capital may stem from unfamiliarity with the industry. Companies getting venture capital for the first time raised an average of $3. Brisson didn't return telephone calls seeking comment. 12 company brochure that was filed with the SEC.
The new app aims to �bring the experience of discovery� associated with physical stores into the online world, whilst also targeting a younger customer base. The move follows the re-opening of the chain�s original Oxford Street store last month.

com, �90
Small enough to squirrel away in your luggage, Sunagor claims these are the world�s smallest zoom binoculars. PlayStation PS Vita
argos. But they�re powerful (up to 45x). There�s even GPS (for some apps) and Wifi built in. 99
The Vita is a powerful portable games console with a 5in multi-touch screen and rear touch pad for extra control. Sunagor 9-45x21 Micro Zoom binoculars

uk, free with contract
The latest smartphone from Nokia is a winner. HTC One S
carphonewarehouse. Nokia Lumia 900
nokia. com, free with contract
Android is a popular software, but has its limitations. It has a big screen (4. 3in), gorgeous slim profile and enjoyable Windows Phone operating system. Some manufacturers add extra functionality, and best for this is HTC: this cool handset has a great camera and free online storage for photos. Nokia's extras include a free mapping feature.

"I'm officially an Ivanov worshipper from now on. [He is] the man who never got caught," one user wrote on the chess. I don't understand all the hate that he gets. " another user roared. You people ought to love him.

The keys are backlit, which is a godsend when the room lighting is low. Unlike earlier editions, the current models are fast enough to be your only computer, and you're unlikely to find a better-looking machine. It's not cheap, but the aluminium casing and high-end components mean it's good value.

Where from: website
Arcam rCube iPod dock
The rCube produces sensational sound that's all the more surprising because of the small box it comes from - it measures 200mm in each direction. You can power it from the mains or from the built-in rechargeable battery, which lasts up to eight hours. It's very well-constructed, solid and heavy, which helps with the audio quality, but it's light enough to be portable.

And in the summer you can use it to cool yourself down, too. Then place the tip on the gum line between two gnashers and press the button. The liquid is shot out at speed, dislodging plaque and other nasties. The AirFloss is painless, simple and fun. There's a reservoir on the back that you fill with water or mouthwash. 99
Where from: website
Sonicare AirFloss
This is a great gift for someone who just won't floss.

As well as boasting "hands on the wheel, eyes on the road" voice recognition and a host of driving aids you'd normally find only in a luxury car (including active parking, adaptive cruise control, emergency response and a blind-spot alert), the Sync "infotainment" system will allow your car to work as a rolling hotspot in three ways, explains Christof Kellerwessel, who has overseen the system's introduction in Europe after it launched in America: "First you can use your car as a rolling hotspot at no charge, so if you are close to a public Wi-fi area, say a Starbucks or your local library, you can receive the signal and distribute it to up to five devices in your car. You can also use a USB modem to turn your car into a rolling hotspot for your whole family. Or if you have a 3G smartphone you can connect it to Sync via Bluetooth and use your existing data plan at no extra cost.

JCB Pro-Smart
jcbphone. It does everything an Android phone does, plus it's dustproof and will survive being dropped in the pool. Handy if your on a journey with lots children but only one DVD player. Belkin Rockstar headphone splitter
theaccessoriescrowd. 99
It's not the lightest or most stylish phone on the market, but this nifty beast is the first tough smartphone from JCB. 99
Share the music on your smartphone or iPod with friends. This cute gadget lets you connect five pairs of headphones to your device.

Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine also joins the line-up for eight tracks, after standing in for regular guitarist Steve Van Zandt on several dates of Springsteen's recent Wrecking Ball tour. The title track is a cover of Tim Scott McConnell's folk song, which Springsteen originally recorded for an EP in 1996.

Premium car companies such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes have offered some form of rolling internet access on some top-spec models (such as the Audi A7 Sportback and the A8 luxury saloon) for several years, but Ford's new Sync system will be the first to be offered across a company's whole range of vehicles, including the Ford Focus (right), when it is launched early next year. The internet on four wheels
Until now it has been the preserve of chauffeur-driven executives, but the luxury of in-car internet access will soon be available in city cars and hatchbacks thanks to a new Microsoft-developed system from Ford.

He went on to win the game. Handy tips
Garry Kasparov, Russian former world champion, caused a stir when he changed his move during a 1994 match after momentarily taking his hand away from the piece. His opponent Judit Polgar complained, but video tape footage revealed Kasparov's hand let go of the piece for less than a quarter of a second.Taking your phone abroad with you is a no-brainer: a text message lets your family know you've arrived safely; an emailed photo of the beach makes your colleagues jealous; and, of course, you can be contacted quickly in an emergency.

Bass is strong and clear, though if you put the rCube in the corner of the room, you can press a button to lessen this if it's too much. But the MV800's special feature is a hinge: the entire screen flips up through 180 degrees so you can take great self-portraits, instead of relying on guesswork. There are sharply defined vocals and no distortion, even at high volume. How much: �350
Where from: website
Samsung MV800 compact camera
The Samsung compact is slim and highly pocketable. The 3 inch touchscreen display has a fluid, speedy interface that's easy to use.

"I wanted to give people the time to sit back, close their eyes and immerse themselves into the music. I wanted to focus on the communal aspect. We do so much listening alone, with headphones now. " Albums played have included Grace Jones's Nightclubbing and Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love. "Not many of us get the time to listen to an album from beginning to end," she says. People experience most of their music via mp3s, which is about 20 per cent of the sonic information.

Trouble is, they�re easy to drop. This one has a shockresistant rubberised casing. With this you can power three simultaneously, worldwide. Kingston 32GB Date Traveler R500 USB
pixmania. Worldwide Triple USB Charger
whsmith. uk, �31
If you�re taking valuable data with you, you can�t beat a USB drive. 99
If you have multiple gadgets with you, you may need to charge several at the same time.

How much: from �849
Where from: website
Pure Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely
Combine Pure's pedigree for making DAB radios with Orla Kiely's design and you have the new Abacus flower print edition radio. It has an alarm, a kitchen timer, and as new features become available you can update it by hooking it up to your computer via the USB socket - a simple but satisfying process. It sounds great and the styling is beautiful, from the chrome folding handle to the leather effect front and walnut veneer cabinet.

However, the record has since appeared on several file-sharing websites. Billboard magazine reported that High Hopes appeared on Amazon's US MP3 store for several hours on Saturday. Click here for the most pirated artists of 2013
The tracks have since been removed from sale, and the album's official release is still listed as 14 January.

It has a 5 MP camera, sharp 3. 5 inch screen and an FM radio built in, with access to hundreds of thousands of Android apps. 95
Where from: website
Orange San Francisco II mobile phone
The San Francisco is an affordable Android smartphone, even on pay-as-you-go. You can even use it to play back an MP3 player. The screen is pin-sharp and easy to read and the radio sounds good, too. Orange offers some great specialities, like crystal-clear call quality when talking to other HD Voice users.

He cut out the music, comparing it to coming early to a listeners' birthday party early and eating the cake. The NME recently expanded on the concept to mark the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind album, where readers were invited to listen to the album at the same time to talk about it in real time via a live blog and Twitter. Pop acts such as Cher Lloyd and One Direction have used it to make an event out of their album releases, alongside bands like Real Estate, where so many fans logged on to listen to their dedicated streaming slot, that they crashed music sharing site Turntable. It has become so popular that Tom Waits uploaded a spoof online "private listening party" video, in advance of his new release in August.

The game's governing body, F�d�ration internationale des �checs, said in a statement that it was "aware of the damage caused by this unfortunate incident" and was "now preparing a whole system of measures against all kinds of cheating". The Bulgarian Chess Federation said Ivanov has been excluded from its membership. Chess cheats: A brief historyDodgy Glasses
Loris Cereda, an Italian former mayor, was kicked out of the Italian Chess Federation last January. Mr Cereda denies all the allegations. We all know he didn't cheat. "I hope he is out from this issue fast! Investigators alleged his unusually thick dark glasses concealed a secret camera, through which he received game advice from another player. Ivanov was unavailable for comment last week.

Or have it on the dashboard to hold the satnav. Family-friendly:
Grippy Pad
firebox. 99
If the kids want to watch movies on your phone or tablet when you�re driving, the Grippy Pad will hold it in place effortlessly.

"I've been to the arena gigs in Manchester before, when you feel so disconnected from the show - you're watching it through a massive screen. You're never more 25 yards away from the stage here". "It's a really warm, friendly, traditional space. It's the kind of venue that always tends to stand out for people," Parsons adds. It was a formula that proved an instant success.